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    The Storm

    The storm rolled in softly, without a sound. Like a lioness hunting her prey. Patiently, it waited to strike.   A little girl sat by her window as the first wave…

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    It started when someone telling him that he had particularly feminine features. Then, at night, he started moonlighting as a drag queen, sparking a second life of multihour makeup and costume…

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    Protests and Patriots

    When thinking of patriotism, some might conjure up an image of people clad in cowboy boots and denim, waving American flags, and blasting country music. Others might picture military personnel fighting…

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    A Woman in A Suit

    D.C. is not a hard place to fall in love with – the allure of the city with grandeur monuments and influential government buildings. It is a city of ambition and…

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    Coffee and Cigarettes/Gray

    Ash lands on my white t-shirt, gray relief in a conversation that’s fast turning black and white. You sip your cup of black coffee; I pour a dash of cream into…

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    Dear Boy I Met at Shooters

    Dear Boy I Met at Shooters, I wasn’t drunk, just a little light-headed. Sober from waiting in line to get inside in the first place. It didn’t take long to get…