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    NASA on the Rise

    In the past few years, the Native American Student Alliance has expanded from three members to over 15. The forces behind this change have come from a variety of places, some…

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    Beat of the [Bella] Drum

    The Pinhook was just filling up when the Friday night headline band took the stage. People immediately left their bar stools to stand closer to the blue spotlights at the back…

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    Thinking Outside the Box, Inside the Home

    Although hidden from view of the C1, the Duke Smart Home can easily be recognized by the solar panels, green roofs, and floor-to-ceiling windows that distinguish its exterior. Upon entering, the…

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    Vote for Pedro Pulak

    “The terminator looked like the rest of us. He looked like a human being. But he was unique in the way that he did whatever it took to achieve his mission.”…

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    A Hopeful Homecoming

    As college students, we may not always be able to go home as often as we’d like. This is especially the case for those of us who are international students and…