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    Coffee and Cigarettes/Gray

    Ash lands on my white t-shirt, gray relief in a conversation that’s fast turning black and white. You sip your cup of black coffee; I pour a dash of cream into…

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      I am tugged: yanked Simultaneously backwards and forward. Boiling through layers, Of space and time. Choices, like petals plucked Part-by-Part, pink, flushed. “I know, I know not. I wonder, I…

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    Rumble in the Dangal

    India’s second national sport, after cricket (although it’s officially Hockey), is going to the movies. Ask even the most American of Indian Americans, and they’ll tell you many a fable about…

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    Restoration of an American Idol: Review

    Chance the Rapper, born Chancellor J. Bennett, has been dancing on people’s eardrums for more than five years now, filling their minds with his rousing, optimistic style. As an independent artist,…

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    Wabi Sabi and Grown-Up Gambino

    Adele won all of the awards, but at the recently concluded 59th Grammy Awards, Beyoncé was winning hearts. Since her long form visual album Lemonade came out, she’s put more work…

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    Album Review: Engelwood’s Pastel Beach

    The first piece of work produced by indie electronic/instrumental Hip Hop artist Engelwood, five-track EP Hanalei, was a chill, leisurely sonic ride. Released in February this year, it was filled with…

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    Album Review: Awaken, My Love, Childish Gambino

    Album Review: Awaken, My Love, Childish Gambino Released: December 2, 2016 The two singles Donald Glover (singer alias Childish Gambino) released three weeks ahead of the album, “Me and your Mama”…