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boots&cats: Spring Break Edition

I’m no artist or producer; I’m just a guy who loves music. This is boots&cats: Playlist One.

* * * * *

Spring break is upon us. And, oh? What’s that? You need some sick new music to pregame to? Or maybe you just want to impress that one girl/guy on the beach with your music taste? Well, I gotchu fam. Here we go.



It’s 10 a.m. Central Time, or whatever the fuck timezone your destination is in. You just woke up to find that you’re on an early morning flight to Cancun. Fuck yea. The captain’s voice is blaring on the PA, telling everyone that you’ll be landing in 30 minutes, but you can barely hear him because this song is massaging your ears through your headphones. As you listen to the sweet nature-filled sounds of this track, your zen level comes to an all-time high.




You’ve landed. Thank God. As you walk across the jet bridge from your plane to your terminal, you look out at the horizon. The sun is high in the sky, and there are endless possibilities for what today could bring. In your mind, you’re already at the beach, although you’re actually surrounded by a crowd of sweaty, impatient tourists who can’t wait to get to their resort. But you’re not like them. With this song caressing your eardrums, you’re at a place of ultimate peace.
As you make your way across the jet bridge, you slip out of your hawaiian shirt and beat up boat shoes and metaphorically swan-dive into the warm Mexican water.



Ok, now you’re actually at the beach. Good for you. Time for some fun in the sun. Skip the sunscreen and all that safety crap. Grab that AUX cord and start bumping Miami Horror’s new single. Oh, and get yourself a drink. You’ll need it.



It’s now around 1 p.m. in this (still) unknown time zone, and you just realized that you haven’t eaten anything since devouring those tiny packs of free pretzels on the plane. Shit. It’s too late now to find some food, plus this song is so sick that you have to let it play out. Aha! You just realized something. There’s a slice of a pineapple on your fruity drink that you’ve been sipping on. You have just found your lunch. Quick and healthy. Time to get back at it.



By this time, you should already be the most popular person on the beach because of your *fire* music taste. You’re starting to really feel the drinks in your inadequately nourished system, but you know that you have to rally. You decide to feed the frenzy by putting on Golden (Trails Remix) by Dan Bravo, an eclectic feel-good track. It’s a hit. Congrats fam.



Exhausted and burnt to a crisp, you now feel that you might die in the Gulf of Mexico. But alert! That group of equally-inebriated guys and/or girls wants to play a game of volleyball. It’s on. You don’t know if you can even feel your arms, but you down the rest of your fruity drink anyways and do your best Baywatch impression as you run over to join them.



Wakey wakey. You open your eyes to realize that you’re now back in your hotel/airbnb/hostel/motel/yurt. How long have you been asleep here? Doesn’t matter, because you check your phone and it’s already 9 p.m. (still unclear on the time zone). Your friends are already prepared for the night out, and you rush to get your pregame started. But wait! Where’s the music? You throw on Pass You By by The Ashton Shuffle, and all is well. You’re a hero. Enjoy it kid.



A couple hours have passed, and you’re out on the prowl. Now, I know that you probably won’t be playing your own music at this point, but feel free to use it as a thematic guide for how your night is going. Anyways, you get to this bar, and you show the bouncer your ID. Except you’ve just showed them your fake. Ugh. Why would you bring your fake to Mexico? Whatever, you get in anyways. Time to unleash your arsenal of mediocre dance moves.



You’re dancing on this dark, dingy dance floor with some stranger whose name you’ll never remember, and suddenly this song comes on (note: if this song does come on, it means your DJ is probably ZHU, and you should relish the fact that your DJ is in fact ZHU). Anyways, as this track causes your auditory nerves to come to climax, you feel something special. In the middle of this disgusting club, you feel a sense of serenity. Never before did you think that you could be at such peace while listening to Migos screaming “cookin’ up dope in the crockpot.



You made it. It’s like 5 a.m. or something now, and you’re going in and out of consciousness. Maybe it’s the lack of real food in your body, or maybe (probably) it’s your blood alcohol content. Who knows. Who cares. All you know, although at this point you can barely think, is that today was wild. And there will be another one tomorrow. Rest easy, legend.

Peep the whole playlist here:



Written by Preston Huang

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