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    Restoration of an American Idol: Review

    Chance the Rapper, born Chancellor J. Bennett, has been dancing on people’s eardrums for more than five years now, filling their minds with his rousing, optimistic style. As an independent artist,…

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    Us As Well

    When lights dim in theatrical spaces, something changes. The line blurs between what is in reality occurring and what is simply a facade. Though often our understanding of what is true…

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    No Chill? No Problem.

    Small talk is the preferred method of conversation on campus. “Are you going out tonight?” and “Do you have midterms?” are common conversation starters that usually don’t lead to anything of…

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    Oscars Reveal Hollywood’s Hypocrisy

    Moments after the infamous Best Picture mix-up, which sent Team La La Land back down to the floor at the Dolby Theater, Moonlight producer Adele Romanski delivered a sincere acceptance speech…

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    Wabi Sabi and Grown-Up Gambino

    Adele won all of the awards, but at the recently concluded 59th Grammy Awards, Beyoncé was winning hearts. Since her long form visual album Lemonade came out, she’s put more work…

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    Confession: I’m a Maximalist

    I hate minimalism. You heard me. I don’t give a damn about your white walls, your ever-present dainty stud earrings, your wardrobe strictly composed of monochrome, neutral tones. I’m bored just…

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    Halloween may be long gone, but my Tumblr dashboard and Instagram feed are still channeling some spooky vibes. More specifically witchy vibes. I’ve been inundated with posts of crystals, tarot cards,…

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    Oops! I Only Listen to Surf Rock!

    Truth: from the ages of 7 to 11 (when I finally got my long-awaited iPod touch), my favorite CD to listen to (on my Walkman nevertheless—how old am I?) was The…