Bend like Bamboo

By Sheridan Wilbur


I favor the tree that, like myself, braves the winter wind

Aldo Leopold


Bend like bamboo


sometimes I –

no usually,

almost always –

I turn my face away from the sting

of biting wind

and shut my ears off from piercing sounds

I close my eyes to ugly sights

and stop my mind from drifting to

thoughts, uncomfortable


but what if –

I favor that what makes me hurt

because the winter wind

isn’t all that bad

when I keep my face in the sun


the cacophony can be harmonious

if I listen long enough

and all that glitters isn’t gold

so I should probably look a little longer

and wait for the sparkle to fade


when I open my mind

and let go of comfort

my thoughts that afflict me

don’t make me suffer


because to suffer is a choice

and I choose

to be brave


Illustration by Lancer Li

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