Bodies of Water and Waters of Bodies

let the sea swallow me its tides dizzy me

           let my feeble body float atop the water

                let the crisp air shoot shivers down my spine

                     let me sink

                let me sink

           there’s comfort at the ocean’s floor

           there is comfort in the waves of her voice

let me drown

submerge me immerse me

           let me swell and let me surge

                     Iet me taste the salt and hear the silence

let the sand squeeze its way in between my toes and let it stick to my wet skin

           let my hair trail like seaweed

                     let my mind entangle

           let creatures crawl over me inside me let fish find my head a home

let my fingers prune and my skin wrinkle

           let me leave the ocean dripping ecstasy and let me melt into the early morning moonlight

                     let bitter air strike brittle bones let shells scratch skin

                               let them carve scars let me harden like sand into shells

                                         let me be beautiful let me be solidified and let me be discovered

                               let a little girl find me and crush me with bare hands

                               let her feel power

                     let her scatter my dust let my dust become specks become her freckles and

           let me grow to love the ocean’s monstrosity and that of my very own

           let me


Feature Image Credited to Maddie

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