Love Laundry

The washing machine gurgles to a stop:

A pink blouse emerges in a sea of denims grey and blue

Crumpled, an anomaly irrelevant

Sorted and kept aside

Solitary: the kind of mistake that multiplies


The next week serves a panty and skinny jeans

Significant, contrasting with the jackets and jockey inners

It’s removed but folded neatly

Important: certainly not

Insignificant? No.


A month since the blouse appeared,

Clothes of both sexes collude and collide

Bras, panties, briefs, and jeans in equal measure

A battle of bleeding clothes and frothy pressure

Tangling and knotting, it persisted.


Silk, linen, cotton and commotion

Cohabitation or a clash of emotion?

Trousers turned purple: bras turned blue

Creating outfits stained but new


Then, on one particular laundry day

A day much like those before

The washer twisted only briefs and jeans

Only trousers and shorts

Dull socks and t-shirts


The mingling linen came to an untimely end

No more femininity

Broken, it didn’t bend

All gone but for one blouse,

The sole remnant of a broken house.

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  • Medha
    March 22, 2016 at 7:55 am

    “Important: certainly not

    Insignificant? No.”