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    It started when someone telling him that he had particularly feminine features. Then, at night, he started moonlighting as a drag queen, sparking a second life of multihour makeup and costume…

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    NASA on the Rise

    In the past few years, the Native American Student Alliance has expanded from three members to over 15. The forces behind this change have come from a variety of places, some…

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    Beat of the [Bella] Drum

    The Pinhook was just filling up when the Friday night headline band took the stage. People immediately left their bar stools to stand closer to the blue spotlights at the back…

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    Engineering Love at Duke

    Believe it or not, professors do have lives outside of the classroom. And turns out, sometimes they share them with other professors. Meet Drs. Roger and Kathryn Nightingale, Dean Carmen Rawls…

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    Defining Duke

    Midterms, Finals, Projects, Shooters, class… do we ever catch a break? The life of a Duke student can be overwhelming, and hectic times can make us overlook Β the amazing things our…

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    Punching for Science

    What do you do when the news media and the US government ridicule your work and call it a waste of money? You make it your mission to prove them wrong.…