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    Doors of Durham

    Much like eyes being windows to the soul, doors deeply characterize the greater space surrounding them. This essay strives to capture the essence of various locales through the motif of doors.…

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    The 9 to 12

    The existential crisis that hits all of us between 9 and 12 on Sunday nights deserve some conversation. I think what I want to say, if nothing else, is that the…

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    The Class Friends Phenomenon

    Last weekend, I went to a fraternity date function. As I perused the overly packed venue, I spotted a boy I’d wanted to hook up with for a few weeks. Feeling…

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      I am tugged: yanked Simultaneously backwards and forward. Boiling through layers, Of space and time. Choices, like petals plucked Part-by-Part, pink, flushed. “I know, I know not. I wonder, I…

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    Duke in Durham

    Ah, spring break, study abroad, and summer… don’t those words just get the wanderlust in your blood going? While the mere thought of new adventures has me jumping up and down,…

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    The Problem with ~Aesthetic~

    Aesthetic. Aesthetic. You’ve probably heard it mentioned as a reaction to someone’s Instagram post or outfit. And maybe you’ve used it as a descriptor more times than you’d care to admit.…

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    Date Lab: Meet Olivia and Brian

    He’s a Pratt star on club soccer headed for London next semester she’s a sophomore from the Southwest who’s sticking around in Durham with her Biology lab. He was cool, calm,…

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    A Question of Accountability

    Accountability is the ultimate check for democracy. It is a sacred contract between the people and their leaders, a shared understanding that decisions need to be justified and mistakes accounted for.…