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21 Word Stories

Her fingers caress her crippled bow. Liquid melodies, once electrified, now dip and wobble. A broken cadence liberates a disconsonant girl.

      Preethi Kannan


Her sister dies at age three. She lives. Red empty eyes. Two years later she is three: “when i get leukemia”

      Phoebe Klett


I saw it across the intersection.

7 digits. 4 seats. 1 person.

Once home, now foreign; I pass without a wave.

      Noelle Cassier


Digging with knuckles white and cheeks red, the knot in her stomach tightens as does her hand around the shovel’s shaft.

      Maddie Sparrow


Born without a family, taken in by strangers. By graduation they were her mother, father, three younger siblings, and her home.

      Lily Kaye


Grandma’s been forgetful,

shouting across the room:

“Yuanzhong, where’s my remote?”

“Did you see my glasses?”

“Water bill?”

Never a response.

      Lancer Li


Somewhere between worlds, the ferry glides smoothly into the night. Its sole passenger

watches as city lights fade, replaced by darkness.

      Josh Coopersmith


Crunching leaves the reds and golds. Who to be when I am old. Did I really drink all of that wine?

      Sam Meyers


Help wanted: Manual labor. Must be able to lift up to 250 pounds of dead weight. Paid in cash. Email only.

      Greta Chen


From my window I watch him walk, open the box. He pauses. The mail is on the ground. He is crying.

      Anthony Cardellini


Twas raining and she was hungry but didn’t do candlelit for one. She swiped right and made a table for two.

      Sophia Parvizi-Wayne


Another workday at the library. Cameras watching, I discreetly sneak “The Matrix” from Sci-Fi to Documentary. I need others to know.

      Mabelle Zhang


He teased her

Slipped under her blanket

And lingered at her ear until she turned.

Tonight, the mosquito left her alone.

      Tiffany Mei


A man sits, watching the painting’s empty frame. Illusion shines upon the edges, golden dust. Pity him, though he sees all.

      Joe Haston


Terminal velocity. He waited to meet the harsh ground. Suddenly, gasping awake. You never get to finish the best dreams.

      Emery Jenson


“I can’t believe I fell for this again, I keep coming back thinking it will be better” -self-reflections at the gym.

–       Francesca Maglione


Dear dude I dumped, Why are you surprised I left? You loved your abs more than you loved me! Wishing you the worst, Your ex

–       Lucy Zheng

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