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Date Lab: Meet Olivia and Brian

He’s a Pratt star on club soccer headed for London next semester she’s a sophomore from the Southwest who’s sticking around in Durham with her Biology lab. He was cool, calm, and collected before the date, and she had a little first-date jitters. Did the sparks fly at Gonza Taco?


Why Date Lab?

Olivia: Just to try something new, I guess.

Brian: I thought it could be fun. And there was a little bit of peer pressure.


Before the Date

Olivia: I was nervous, because you don’t know anything about the person going in. But I’d had a really busy week, so it’s good I didn’t have time to dwell on it.

Brian: I was pretty nervous and excited to meet my date. I didn’t spend a ton of time getting ready– just took a shower.


First(?) Impressions

Olivia: I didn’t want to get there first and have to wait [for him], so I had my sister drop me off and wait in the car until right before the date. But [when I went in], he was already sitting down. I was expecting to see someone I didn’t know, but then [i had] this moment of, “Oh gosh, I know you”.

Brian: It wasn’t really a first impression – we lived in the same dorm freshman year.


The Conversation

Olivia: We both were a bit nervous at the beginning, but it was good to see him and catch up after freshman year. I don’t remember a lot specifically from the conversation, but you can tell he’s a good person.

Brian: Since I already knew Olivia, I remember that we are already acquaintances and know a lot of the same people from freshman year.


To Abroad, or Not To Abroad?

Olivia: He’s doing Duke in London, it sounds like he’s excited about it. I’m staying at Duke to keep doing work with my [biology] lab.

Brian: I’m doing a study abroad program this summer and I might be studying abroad this fall.



Olivia: We talked about where we’re from. He’s from Cheyenne and loves to ski.

Brian:  I grew up in the west, the weirdest thing about where I grew up is probably how spread out everything was.



Olivia: He said right away that his is an ocelot. He didn’t really have an explanation for the ocelot, it was kind of surprising.

Brian: I said my spirit animal is an ocelot.


What did you think?

Olivia: He’s really cute. The whole vibe was good.

Brian: It was pretty fun overall. Since we already knew each other, it felt a lot like catching up with a friend. Overall, my impression was positive.


Rate the Date

Olivia: I’d probably give it an 8. I don’t know what he would say, he was kind of hard to read.

Brian: I’d rate it about a 6. I think we both had a nice time. It ended up being pretty relaxing because we already knew each other and the food was pretty tasty. I think Olivia would probably give it a 6 as well.


What Happens Next?

Olivia: I know we both have crazy weeks coming up, so nothing’s happening again too soon, but maybe after spring break.

Brian: Going forward, I think we will probably just remain acquaintances or friends, but I’m glad I had the experience.


Article: Mary Ziemba

Web: Lauren Katz

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