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I am tugged: yanked

Simultaneously backwards and forward.

Boiling through layers,

Of space and time.

Choices, like petals plucked

Part-by-Part, pink, flushed.

“I know, I know not.

I wonder, I devise plots?”

Ambling by, I search for rhyme.

My mind seeks its flow.

Nostalgia & expectation,

Two ends of the seesaw

Equally heavy loads.

Like mid-February sun, kissing Durham.

Or sunny December Sundays down Rajpur Road.

Perplexed by daily highs and lows,

I feel content, creating and drinking in woe.

Sometimes, when what’s to come

Isn’t easy sun, I come undone.

Going back to Dehradun,


I’d already once won.

Author: Madhav Dutt

Web: Carolyn Tang

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