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Mustn’t Dance Too Long

Mustn’t Dance Too Long



Straining against the present, inactive in my chair

Closing grateful eyelids



Twirling around the room with a premonition in my arms

A glimpse of those things

that will demand me

In ways

The commotional, competitive, clamor of the now



Wisps of conjured warmth comforting me with what

Will, must, be realized

A blanket of story book feelings

All scratchy sentimentalism and romantic moth-rot


Prophesying must not stay so


Created before manifesting

Born inside a jittering head that plays host to itself more often than it should

Semantically satiated with introspection and

Losing meaning in itself


Delight transfused from some distant future


A future I’ve lobbed at the middle of my mental trajectory

A future without which I will have borrowed from nothing

Will have indebted myself to imagine


A future

That I’ll bump into on a bus, a sidewalk, somewhere

Cold but not barren

Twinkling with happy convergence


A future in which I mustn’t dance too long


One mustn’t risk living

Entirely too far in advance


Image Drawn by Madhav Dutt

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