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    Re-Centering Mediocrity

    Having adopted a generational name marking the huge yet arbitrary temporal transition that took place towards the beginning of our lives, if for nothing else, millennials will at least be remembered…

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    boots&cats: Spring Break Edition

    I’m no artist or producer; I’m just a guy who loves music. This is boots&cats: Playlist One. * * * * * Spring break is upon us. And, oh? What’s that?…

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    Restoration of an American Idol: Review

    Chance the Rapper, born Chancellor J. Bennett, has been dancing on people’s eardrums for more than five years now, filling their minds with his rousing, optimistic style. As an independent artist,…

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    The Game

      we’re playing boy and girl in the game they expect us to do on Saturday nights we play   have you ever heard of the game before we start pretty…

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    Fuck your Nicotine

    The winning poem in the Open Lyric Submission Contest; Inspired by Chance song Cocoa Butter Kisses Written by Sam Meyers   I miss the smell of smoke. I miss how it clung…

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    Chicago Public High School Teacher

    An honorary mention in the Open Lyric Submission Contest; Inspired by Chance song Pusha Man/Paranoia Written by Sejal Jain   Chicago Public High School Teacher The kids don’t filter out of the classroom like…

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    Dusting Glass

    An honorable mention in the Open Lyric Submission Contest; Inspired by Chance song No Better Blues Written by Mariam Salukian   My glass of faith has shattered and I–the prisoner of these walls–fall…

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    Us As Well

    When lights dim in theatrical spaces, something changes. The line blurs between what is in reality occurring and what is simply a facade. Though often our understanding of what is true…