Pressed Juice is the New Black

Trying to be the trendiest eater out there? Tired of feeling pressured to love frozen yogurt? Or sick of not being able to get into real bars? Then the newest juice bar trend is perfect for you.

These are not just your average juices.

People do crazy things for the newest trendy food– I remember when Sprinkles cupcakes opened back home in California, people literally slept overnight in tents to be first to try the newest craze. Once frozen yogurt became popular, new shops seemed to pop up on every single corner. Although they have yet to reach the entire country, I predict that juiceries are the next big craze. Juiceries are essentially shops dedicated to making fresh juice concoctions that throw together creative combinations of fruits and vegetables—these are not just your average juices. As soon as one opened in my hometown, everyone was desperate to pay $7 for a bottle of pressed kale- spinach- romaine- parsley- cucumber- celery- apple- lemon- ginger or (my personal favorite) spinach- honeydew- kiwi- lemongrass- fennel- cilantro. When I went for the first time, I was terrified of the green juices, sure that nothing
containing spinach juice could taste acceptable and expecting a gross lumpy mixture. Instead, I was shocked to find that something so green and healthy could actually taste good.

I was shocked to find that something so green and healthy could actually taste good.

Some people claim that drinking a cold pressed juice gives them an energy boost equivalent to caffeine. Green juices are a way to get the nutrient value of fruits and vegetables in an easier form. As opposed to the juices you can find at the grocery store, cold pressed juices are made without any processing or added sugar. This allows the juices to retain more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Bonus: they actually taste good!

Unlike trends such as cupcakes and bubble tea, these juices have a nutritional benefit and fill you up. Juice bars also often offer juice cleanse programs, which claim to result in a healthier colon, more energy, mental clarity, better sleep, and a glowing complexion. Although the medical validity behind these statements is unclear, I have heard several positive reviews.

Gone are the days of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf as the ultimate celeb sighting  spot–celebrities are constantly photographed with a bottle of Pressed Juicery or BluePrint Juice in hand. In the past few months I have seen pressed juices being sold at more and more locations. Those who are tired of spending up to $10 on a bottle of juice or just want it to be as fresh as possible are investing in their own at-home juicers, which can magically create pressed juice from any fruit or vegetable. This is definitely not a trend that will appeal to everyone, but the juice mania has already converted countless followers. So next time you dismiss a green pressed juice based on its color or ingredients, consider giving it a try!

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