Resonance: Playlist Four

Ayy fam, it’s our fourth edition, and I got more tunes for you guys. This playlist is a medley of songs that demonstrates a huge variety of genres, energies, and emotions. Fall means soulful sounds mixed with dance beats to keep your body temp high, and that’s just what you’ll get with this selection.


1. RL Grime – Halloween Mix 2015

This is the one track I look forward to every year around this time: RL Grime’s annual Halloween mix. This legend shows how influential he truly is with a hilarious intro from comedian Hannibal Buress and a cameo from horror king R.L. Stine. The hour-long mix is packed to the brim with enough trappy treats to keep you terrified and turnt till next year.


2. kiiara –Feels (Hotel Garuda Remix)

Hotel Garuda, composed of Manila Killa and Candle Weather, has broken the internet with their remix of kiiara. Already a Hypem #1, “Feels” contains the perfect blend of emotion and groove. The three drops, distinct but seamlessly working with each other, show the duo’s versatility and ability to connect with their listeners. The impressive reception is well deserved.


3. Snakehips – All My Friends (feat. Tinashe & Chance the Rapper)

I searched endlessly to find the full track on Soundcloud, but the only full stream is on Spotify. The movement away from SC is real and something I will definitely talk about in a future edition of Resonance. But back to the music…Tinashe’s voice is mouth-wateringly delicious, Chance’s verse adds a level of realness, and Snakehips glues everything together with incredible production. “All My Friends” ~resonates~ with the feeling of wasted time. Popping bars, drinking aimlessly, not remembering your nights. It is easy to see the love-hate relationship the artists have to the clubbing lifestyle often glorified in hip-hop.


4. Goldroom – Embrace (feat. George Maple)

“Embrace” is one of those records that I have always heard but never knew the name. As a result, I have missed a solid five months of vibing to Goldroom and George Maple’s fantastic collaboration. Mark my words, George Maple is going to have a Top 40 hit by the end of 2016. Her voice and lyrics are just too on point.


5. Sigala – Sweet Lovin’ (Re-Edit)

I really don’t know much about who Sigala is, but his music is fuego. He is really keen on sampling these old disco/funk/house records and turning them into dancefloor bombs. And “Sweet Lovin” is just that, combining a catchy bass line with crisp pianos and sweet high-pitched vocals.

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