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The Game


we’re playing boy and girl

in the game they expect us to do

on Saturday nights

we play


have you ever heard of the game before

we start pretty late though

I’m not very good at it

I don’t always make the right move

and usually pretend I’m not upset

when I lose


I feel your touch

and know how you move

but even though I know

it’s nothing more than a cunning skill

you play me every time


I don’t always know when I lose

and hope that we keep playing tomorrow

but you never want to keep the game going

in the morning


so the loser has to hide their disappointment

when it turns to dawn

and we don’t shake hands once its over

like opponents

but we are


and the winner usually wants to play again

because they know – they have the advantage

but they never ask to practice before

they only want to play

after they’ve warmed up with a few drinks


so can you teach me how to play

I always forget that

it’s only just a game –

I always take it so seriously

but it’s only just a game


well actually

I don’t think I want to play anymore


Written by Anonymous

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