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    Body Language

    Our bodies are dynamic. Both physically and aesthetically, they change and are shaped by their movements. The photos in this collection demonstrate this variety. Four selected artists visually responded to the…

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    Anarchy in the d.U.K.e

    Vivienne Westwood has always said it. Punk is alive and thriving. Punk shouldn’t be confined to the scenes of the 70s and 80s– it’s for the here and now. As fishnet,…

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    Rain Check

                Models: Julia Donnell, Vivian Luo, and Jessica Saunders             Stylists: Lucy Wooldridge, Stephanie Asdell, Meredith Parenti, and Rachel Eastwood  …

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    Express Yourself

    In our last style shoot of the semester we brought together dancers from groups across campus to showcase inherent senses of expression through spontaneous dance moves. Placing each dancer in the…

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    Busy Work

    In this shoot we bring to you staged scenes to present the scope of how to decorate your hands on the daily. Most of us leave on the same jewelry every…

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    Sporty Chic

    You may have noticed that sportswear is dominant on our campus. Too often we opt for the soft Nike leggings over the tight denim skinnies. We are here to reassure you:…

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    Durham’s Dark Side

    Style takes on the first shoot of the semester in the setting of late night Durham. Two twins are the the focus, keenly showing their confidence in silk bomber jackets and…