Durham’s Dark Side

Style takes on the first shoot of the semester in the setting of late night Durham. Two twins are the the focus, keenly showing their confidence in silk bomber jackets and seventies sunglasses. Wandering around the streets, dancing on the benches of Heavenly Buffaloes, and meeting some fellow late nighters at Bull City Car Wash – the shoot encompasses the unexpected. By stating the time and date the series becomes a documentation, remembering the moments that usually get forgotten amidst akin nights out.



























































Stylists: Mathilda Christensson, Phoebe O’Hara, Gea Bozzi, Haeryn Kim, Lucy Cao

Photographers: Sonia Fillipow, Katie Nelson

Models: Paige Russell, Devon Russell, Harry Elworthy, Jair Froome, Nathan Blaise Lewis

Web: Isabella Jones

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