Architecture | Anatomy, Pt 1.

“Animation designates the way in which mind acquires a locality in the spatial world, its spatialization, as it were, and together with its corporal support, acquires reality.”

-Edmund Husserl

Climbing creates relationships between environment and athlete in unique ways. With regards to the specific movement that is invoked to accomplish any one goal, the climbed has as much a stake in the act as the climber. This allows for a proprioceptive dialogue that is otherwise unheard. The photos in this collection represent an attempt to create such dialogue between athletes and the environments that we interact with on a daily basis. The way the bodies have been captured here represent an exercise of individuality on the part of the climbers as well as the architectural environment.

Photographer: Marissa Michaels, Frank Thomas

Climbers: Shourya Kumar, Meryl McCurry

Creative directors: Emery Jenson, Meredith Parenti

Production assistant: Reeya Gupta

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