Express Yourself

In our last style shoot of the semester we brought together dancers from groups across campus to showcase inherent senses of expression through spontaneous dance moves. Placing each dancer in the hallway of the Divinity School, we asked them to dance in any way that came naturally to them. After a few tentative moves, we found that each individual settled into their favorite routine, performing gracefully to their own beat. Each time the dancer found their comfortable flow there was a sense of satisfaction and a tendency for them to get lost in dance – so much so they continued even when the photographer stopped taking pictures. Against the backdrop of the clean aesthetic of the archway, each model wore delicate silks and lace; smooth fashionable garments that allowed freedom to move as well as showed off a trendy aesthetic. Our aim was to capture personality and expressiveness, sifting through our collection of images and reading each dancer’s quote, we hope that it is evident that dance is a means of self-expression as well as a chance to let your hair down and lose yourself in a beat.












When I dance, I feel connected to the people around me. There’s a special kind of energy present when you share dance with those you love. To me, there’s no better way to express my true feeling than through dance.




















When I dance it’s like being in a different world. I know it sounds cliché but it feels like nothing else matters. None of my problems are existent and I can truly be free with myself. It’s an amazing feeling.






















When I dance, I feel like I create a bubble of emotion and passion that only the dancer and the audience take part in. It’s a beautiful thing, this bubble -meaning is dependent upon only aesthetic and raw emotion, so it’s when I dance that I feel like I am really connecting to my humanity.










When I dance, often I feel like I lose myself in the music-in the rhythms, the sounds, the mood, a lot of things. For me, dance is a way to express what I feel in the world and a way to get out of my head. It either makes me forget the troubles in life or express it in a healthy way.


Style Editor: Mathilda Christensson
Models: Tim Truu, Ozi Boms, Melody Iro, Amy Cheng, Katarina Stephan, Madeleine Cochrane
Stylists: Lucy Cao, Peter Sun, Mallissa Vuong, Haeryn Kim
Photographer: Kayla Carlisle
Web: Carina Tracy

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