No Costume Needed

As Halloween nears and the spookiest of festivities begin, the opportunity comes around again to embrace one of Halloween’s sweetest treats—the chance to use our creative spirits to transform our appearances and embody anything that we wish. So, this Halloween let your imagination lead you to become whatever your inner spirit and personality desires! Be that vampire, giant banana, or superhero (or all of the above)! Although this task is most commonly achieved through costume, we want to show off the fun, magical, and transformative powers of makeup. Maybe give it a try yourself this year!


Models: Kendrik Icenhour, Madison Martin, Ivan Robles, Sarah Sculco, Rose Wong

Photographers: Angie Griffe, Rae Hsu, Harrison Schulz

Production and Makeup Artists: Rachel Borczuk (Lead), Ellenor Brown, Meredith Parenti (Editor), Mallissa Vuong, Lucy Wooldridge

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