• Tay2
    Spotlights Style

    Drift Light

    In this Style series three Duke students have been displaced from their personal bedroom space and instead are situated in urban environments. This juxtaposition of an intimate, safe setting against the…

  • KK (3)

    Taste of Summer

    Summer’s the time to experiment with those places you’ve yet to explore and the colors you thought you could never wear. Don’t be afraid to be bold and bright this summer…

  • 12

    The New Durham

    City life is all about owning your own unique aesthetic. For this spring, ditch the run-of-the-mill florals and last summer’s boating shoes to embrace the glitz and glam of new street…

  • Feature_WomensWear

    Raiding His Closet

    Try out something new and go shop in the men's department or borrow (steal) your boyfriend's clothes to layer and mix with your own wardrobe. The result will look laid-back, trendy,…

  • JPG_IMG_7019

    The Everyday Gentleman

    Often, the look of a gentleman is perceived as the aesthetic of sartorial classicism – the fitted suits, the stiff-collar shirts, the slim pleated trousers… Although we love this look, our…

  • ProjectionsFEATURED


    ‘Style’ in its entirety is more than an outfit; it is more than a comment on someone's appearance, or the way one presents oneself. ‘Style’ includes the attitude a person wears,…

  • 11

    Cubism and Culottes

    In honor of the tenth anniversary of Duke’s Nasher Museum, The Standard would like to express its gratitude toward the incredible art collection students have access to on campus. We feature…

  • Edit_DSC_0081

    Quick Stop at the Quik Shop

      What would the contemporary Duke experience be without Durham? If you asked a student that 10 years ago, they would have said, “why would you even leave campus?” Over these…