Quick Stop at the Quik Shop



What would the contemporary Duke experience be without Durham? If you asked a student that 10 years ago, they would have said, “why would you even leave campus?” Over these past few years, Durham has transformed from a tobacco town into the vibrant, foodie, and (dare we say it?) hipster Bull City we know today. Heck, even this Durham liquor store is cool enough to shoot in with our streetwear styling. Promise us to go explore this city on a local road trip, stop at Sam’s Quik Shop for some microbrews, and enjoy the good old company of friends.

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Style Editors: Aizhan Seraly and Ben Klein
Stylists: Toria Rose, Max Bernell
Models: Travis Long, Madhav Dutt, Toria Rose
Production Assistant: Obia Muoneke
Photographer: Katie Nelson
Web Design: Maya Patel and Melanie Krassel

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