Sporty Chic

You may have noticed that sportswear is dominant on our campus. Too often we opt for the soft Nike leggings over the tight denim skinnies. We are here to reassure you: your sportswear is at the height of trends. With our own Duke athlete Sophia sporting the look, we present to you sporty chic in all its glory. Grab a silky bomber, a suede baseball cap, and even slip on some sleek wedges – it’s time to spice up your sports gear and make it your new style.


Model: Sophia Parvizi-Wayne

Style Editor: Mathilda Christensson

Stylists: Sonia Fillipow, Gabby Paul, William Maxwell Bernell, Jean Yenbamroong, Kayla Carlisle

Photographers: Virginia Reid, Kayla Carlisle

Web: Carina Tracy, Melanie Krassel


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