Taste of Summer

Summer’s the time to experiment with those places you’ve yet to explore and the colors you thought you could never wear. Don’t be afraid to be bold and bright this summer with your makeup or your style; if you’re seeking inspiration we recommend trying out some flavors at Pelican SnoBalls.


Style Editor: Ben Klein

Stylists: Meredith Parenti, Lucy Wooldridge, Stephanie Asdell

Photographer: Marissa Michaels

Web: Melanie Krassel

Models: Kelsey O’donnell and Hawa Tucker Bah

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  • Chupacabras
    May 7, 2016 at 2:09 am

    “GrillHampton brings together all of the best elements of summer—good friends, leisurely fun and relaxation, as well as iconic seasonal dishes and refreshing drinks, all in a gorgeous setting.”