The Everyday Gentleman

Often, the look of a gentleman is perceived as the aesthetic of sartorial classicism – the fitted suits, the stiff-collar shirts, the slim pleated trousers… Although we love this look, our modern lifestyle calls for something more wearable and effortless.

This edition of men’s style shows you how to fuse elements of the quintessential gentlemen’s collection with your everyday wardrobe. We show you that having a casual look or having a sophisticated look are no longer mutually exclusive options.

Style Editors: Ben Klein and Aizhan Seraly
Stylists: Kojo Abudu, Meredith Parenti, Melanie Krassel, Lucy Cao, Mathilda Christensson, Lucy Wooldridge, Nona Kiknadze, Max Bernell, Jean Yenbamroong.
Models: Michael Kim, Matthew Johnson, Levi Rhoades, Duncan Parsons, Richard Vargo
Photographer: Marissa Michaels
Videographers: Caila Pickett, Claire North
Production Assistant: Ryan Davidson
Web: Melanie Krassel

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