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    ‘Style’ in its entirety is more than an outfit; it is more than a comment on someone's appearance, or the way one presents oneself. ‘Style’ includes the attitude a person wears,…

  • Style

    Cubism and Culottes

    In honor of the tenth anniversary of Duke’s Nasher Museum, The Standard would like to express its gratitude toward the incredible art collection students have access to on campus. We feature…

  • Scoop

    ¡Hola from Argentina!

    This column will cover life in Argentina and all the interesting ways of Argentinian day-to-day life: history, language, fashion, food, drink, travel, etc..…

  • Scoop

    Devolved Couture

    By: Gracie Willert, Duke ’14 At a fierce 12-inches high, the late Alexander McQueen’s iconic armadillos pose no small feat for even the most seasoned of foots. Pictured here are the…