Type MHG – Mistake

This music video represents a period of frustration with the world, reflection, and growth, echoing Type MHG’s lyrics. He enters the back-alley, and by doing so, enters a cathartic, concentrated journey. He exits the alley a new, transformed man ready to take on the rest of his life.

Mistake is part of Type MHG’s newest mixtape, ‘Sophisticated Ignorance’

Director Tristan Bouan
Producer Elliott Golden
Cinematography Tristan Bouan
Gaffer Forest Cummings-Taylor
Grips Brooke Canty, Caila Pickett, Claire North
Editor Tristan Bouan

Music Macario Hing-Glover
Equipment provided by Duke AMI, Freewater Productions
Power provided by Alley 26, Bootstrap Advisors

Special Thanks Clement Lee, Jim Haverkamp, Steve Milligan

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