Most people who have gone through Marketplace during their time at Duke know Wallace—the exceptionally kind and caring mastermind behind the famous omelette station. Friend and unofficial mentor to many, Wallace is well celebrated around campus for his welcoming smile and culinary mastery (the first advice I was given at Duke was to check out the brunch omelettes!) Outside of Duke, the loving husband and father of six can be found painting oil canvasses, developing his comic book, or perfecting his sensational vegetarian chili. Wallace credits his family and his faith for his “dedication to a higher ‘Standard’” (we promise we didn’t make him use that pun!). The Standard sat down with the true Renaissance-man behind the frying pan and found out about another one of his talents, making and distributing customized T-Shirts. A small business venture for now, Wallace hopes to eventually expand production while maintaining a “special and individualized feel to the product.” Check it out!

Video by Standard TV Team
Blurb by Elliot Golden


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